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Apna Taste
Apna Taste is our brand for pre packed sweets and snacks both frozen/refrigerated.
The product line consists of:

Rasmalai 1kg Pack

Kesar Rasmalai 1 Kg Pack

Gulab Jamun 1 Kg Pack

Gajar Halwa 454 Gms Pack

Alu Tikki 750gms Pack

Khoya Milk Cake 400gms Pack

Khoya Burfi 400 Gms Pack

Kaju Burfi 400gms Pack

Kaju Roll 400 Gms Pack

Perra 400 Gms Pack

Boondi Ladoo 400 Gms Pack

Toffee Burfi 400 Gms Pack

Besan Burfi 400 Gms Pack

Samosa Potatoes And Peas 660 Gms Pack

Samosa Spicy Cheese 550 Gms Pack

Samosa Spinach And Chees 550 Gms Pack

Vegetable Pakora 400 Gms Pack

Paneer Pakora 400 Gms Pack

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